Top pohela boishakh wallpaper/image

Pohela Boishakh is the biggest Bengali festival which starts on the first day of Bengali year. This day is not only a yearly occasion but a festive and exciting day of enjoyment in Bengali history. However pohela boishakh also known as bangla noboborsho which has had a long history since many years. Whether you ask any Bangladeshi, you might get an amazing reply that would make you surprised.

Although it is a traditional day of Bengali history but it also a remarkable time to wish each other through various ways. The most common and popular way to wish in pohela boishakh is sending pohela boishakh SMS, gift cards or amazing pohela boishakh wallpapers or images.

Whether you notice that people may have different views and sides of thinking through different ways but during this first day of Bengali calendar, you will see that all the people are celebrating by same ways with forgetting particular community or religion. The most remarkable things of pohela boishakh that many government and nongovernmental organizations arrange different cultural and traditional events that focus the Bengali history of over thousand years.

However pohela boishakh wallpaper and images are the most remarkable way to with among all Bangladeshi people, and they has most famous and popular top pohela boishakh wallpaper which are using everyone. The specialty of this wallpapers and images that you would find the unity and common sincerity among people as well as wish for the betterment of all over the world.

Whenever you compare the Bengali nation to others by their morals, values, traditional or historical activities, their celebration of first of the year will make a significant difference. Pohela boishakh is not only the first day of the year but the most important day in history that bring a festive sensation among people. Although this day has a history over 1200 years and it is contributing to bring similarity among peoples of every class and level.

The remarkable role of the day to finish all the business deals of last year and start everything newly with new efforts and energy. If you think about other nations, they have some particular occasions only for specific people on religion, community or province but pohela boishakh is a day to celebrate all the people from all the race and community.

If you think to wish someone with some nice pohela boishakh wallpaper or image you would find over millions of images with a variety of designs and messages but only the top pohela boishakh wallpaper can bring satisfaction and with your nearest and dearest one. However, this images and wallpaper are not only some photo to share but set of sensations and expressions from the deep sight of mind that expect to get a peaceful new Bengali year to bring stability, happiness among people, society and whole of the country.

Bengali is a nation who has a history of many years, and all the parts of history are full of traditional and cultural touch. Pohela Boishakh is the most remarkable example. However, although there are many ways to wish this day but the most common and uses way to share the famous and most popular pohela boshakh wallpaper and image.

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