Top Mahatma Gandhi Quotes:


Mahatma Gandhi is popularly known as for his significant contributions to the independence of India. Although he has few names but his followers love to call him Mahatma or The Great Souled. Among his successful life of 79 years, he has contributed to India( former Indian subcontinent) many ways. However, he has started his career as a lawyer, but later one assigned to politics and human welfare.

Moreover, he has put placed himself to people as a great man for his contributions but one of the remarkable person forever. During his vital age, his has advised to many people for betterment even. Still, some of his quotes are much famous all around the world. Though he has many quotes still that are being followed by people of any age or race. However, top Mahatma Gandhi quotes are not only something to read, but they are guides that can keep people on the right track.

His premier leadership and influenced to Indian’s independence movement and contributed to bringing stability and nonviolence civil disobedience. It has believed that if anyone follows his quotes and advises that might guide to right way. It has been proved that his quotes keep awoke to social responsibilities and kept far from mistakes.

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